Name: Darneanna Fallins

Quote: I currently work as a behavioral interventionist for students with autism. After graduating from CSULB, I will pursue a master's in social and behavioral science. It is my goal to enhance the field of behavioral intervention. Throughout my career I would like to also teach at a college level to bridge the gap of hands on experience and what is taught in the classroom about applied behavioral analysis.

Elementary Teacher Education, California State University, Long Beach

Future Job: Behavioral Intervention Specialist, College Professor

Name: Jesus Ayala

Quote: I celebrated life as a 10-year-survivor of a violent crime that left me with paraplegia. Being wheelchair-bound shortly after the birth of my daughter made single-parenting especially challenging, but my daughter is a major reason for why I work so hard, and continue pushing toward my goals. I received a Cerritos College Foundation scholarship, and am nearing my short-term goal of graduating from Cerritos College with an A.A. in sociology.


Future Job: Counselor

Name: Angelica Fregoso

Quote: The Cerritos College Scholars' Honors Program introduced me to research, which is what I am now going to pursue in college. Through SHP, I learned about UCLA's Community College to PhD Scholars' Program, a 7-month long research program that has greatly augmented my knowledge about research. I would not have the privilege to take advantage of these opportunities without SHP. I want to give back to my community by mentoring others.

Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles

Job: Psychology Professor

Name: Carlos Lopez

Quote: I always had an interest in school, but I made poor decisions when I was young. I got involved in gang life when I was 12 years old, and dropped out of school. At 19, I was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a violent altercation. When I got out of prison, I enrolled at Cerritos College, and studied hard. I found a passion for accounting through campus friends. Now I’m transferring to USC, the school I once thought was way out of my league.

Business Accounting, University of Southern California

Future Job: Certified Public Accountant

Name: Lee Anne McIlroy

Quote: I am traveling to Tanzania this summer to conduct workshops for English educators throughout the country on using technology in low resource areas. I was inspired to propose the project after taking Educational Technology classes at Cerritos College and learning about resources I could share with colleagues in Tanzania.

Faculty, Credit ESL Instructor